Olivia M’Bia

Olivia M’Bia was born in Cameroon, although she has lived in Spain since 2014, in the city of Seville. In 2010 she graduated in Finance, Accounting and Business Administration in the Ivory Coast Chamber of Commerce. However, since an early age she was fascinated by her grandmother’s work, a designer of traditional african clothing, and her aunt, who dared to modernize them.

In 2012 she arrived in London where she worked with designer Emma Griths. Emma’s studio were opened to her and there she rediscovered that passion for fashion which was awakened in her native land before. In collaboration with Griths, she created her first collection (intended exclusively for men) in Cameroon: All produced there, using cameroonian cotton and local workers. In addition, a percentage of the profits was destined to a cameroonian orphanage. From then on, she has been maintaining that commitment with her country. After that first experience, she created two more collections until 2014, when Kwems was born.

At the end of that year she arrived in Spain, where she entered Sevilla De Moda, a Fashion School and a place for coworking in which she continued expanding her knowledge. Nowadays, her creations show an evolution: African tradition enriched with the mixture of the dierent cultures from the countries where she had lived. In 2017 she will launch her next collection intended for the male public once more, but it will include children’s clothing as well.

From her origins in the fashion sector, she has focused on one goal: dressing and helping people. Therefore, she always allocates 3% of the profits to donations in his native country. She uses the wax and african traditional fabric as main work material. She has specialized in the fusion of the tradition of her country with the new European fashion trends.